Children ages ten and younger are some of the best candidates for orthodontic services. Unfortunately, instilling proper oral hygiene habits isn’t enough to prevent your kids from having misaligned teeth. Invisalign® for kids is an effective and easy way to help your children grow up with a smile that makes them proud.

As your child’s jaw and teeth develop, they may encounter many orthodontic issues, such as bite problems or gaps between teeth. At Simply Southern Smiles Orthodontics, we believe that our patients shouldn’t have to wait to start treatment for a straight smile. Dr. Woods provides Invisalign for kids as part of Phase One orthodontic treatment.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a simple tooth straightening treatment that uses BPA-free plastic clear aligners to gently correct the angle of your teeth. They are easily removable and are significantly more comfortable than braces. They straighten teeth and resolve narrow arches, spacing issues, and more.

Your child will wear Invisalign for a period set by Dr. Woods, then switch to the next aligner. They’ll have straighter teeth by the end of the process, and their other orthodontic issues will be gone.

How is Invisalign for Kids Different from Invisalign for Adults?

Invisalign for kids is different from Invisalign for adults in a few ways. Invisalign for kids targets problem areas around the teeth to avoid permanent teeth growing in the wrong way.

Because teeth are still forming at a young age, our team can tackle younger patients’ complex issues much more straightforwardly than with Invisalign for adults. Children’s Invisalign is also compatible with aligner chewies that make moving to a new tray easier.

Your child may be eligible for Invisalign for kids. Dr. Woods performs an exam and discusses your child’s orthodontic history to determine eligibility.

What Are the Benefits of Invisalign for Children in Statesville, NC?

Invisalign for children comes with many benefits compared to traditional metal braces. Kids can enjoy their favorite foods and avoid common orthodontic emergencies with Invisalign.

1. Eat the Foods They Love

With removable aligners, children have no dietary restrictions. So long as they remove aligners before they eat, they can enjoy sticky candy without worrying about breaking their straightening appliance.

2. No Need to Worry About Broken Braces or Wires

Because there are no brackets or wires, your child can wear aligners safely and prevent orthodontic emergencies. There is also little to no chance of getting sores or cuts.

3. Easy for Children to Brush and Floss Teeth Normally

With traditional braces, children have to be diligent to floss and brush around the appliance. Sometimes braces get in the way and make oral hygiene difficult for children to maintain. Removable aligners eliminate this challenge. Simply remove the aligners before brushing and floss as you normally would.

Why Should I Consider Invisalign for My Child?

Dr. Woods and his team recognize the many reasons to consider Invisalign for your child. Children that follow Invisalign wear instructions will have great results with the aligners.

Simply Southern Smiles Orthodontics offers financing options for Invisalign. By getting teeth straightening services while your child is young, they’ll avoid potentially troublesome results from teeth growing in incorrectly. You also may save more on early treatment by preventing orthodontic problems later in life.

How Should My Child Care for Their Invisalign Aligners?

Caring for Invisalign for kids requires very minimal effort. Your child should clean their aligners every time they brush and floss their teeth.

Using toothpaste and a toothbrush is required to remove plaque and prevent tartar build-ups on teeth. For your child’s aligner set, however, we recommend simple warm water and a toothbrush. Neglecting their aligners may warrant a vigorous cleaning. Dr. Woods and his team can direct your child on the proper cleaning methods.

Can My Child Still Participate in Sports?

Yes, your child can still participate in sports. Clear aligners for kids remove quickly to allow children to exercise without worrying that they will break or hurt their teeth.

As long as your child can wear Invisalign clear aligners for close to 22 hours a day, they’ll still see significant results.