While many people get orthodontic services at a young age, straightening your teeth during adulthood can be just as effective. If you suffer from crooked teeth, an overbite, or gaps between your front teeth, consider clear aligners for adults.

At Simply Southern Smiles Orthodontics, we’re first-hand witnesses to the beautiful smiles clear aligners help our Statesville, NC, patients achieve. Dr. Woods assists adults of all ages on their journey to a straighter smile. With easy-to-use clear aligners for adults, you can get straight teeth using a stress-free process.

Simply Southern Smiles Orthodontics understands our patients’ needs for convenient straightening solutions. We offer a few different types of aligner treatment, including Simply Clear Aligners and Invisalign®.

What Are Clear Aligners for Adults?

Simply Clear Aligners are plastic trays that fit the shape of your teeth and straighten them over a gradual period. Patients swap out their invisible aligner every so often and upgrade to the next level to maintain correct alignment.

Simply Clear Aligners are an easy way for adults to straighten teeth without the unmistakable look of metal braces. Our aligners are discreet and deliver the same excellent results braces offer. Dr. Woods performs a consultation and exam, then designs your custom aligners.

You can also choose traditional braces if clear aligners aren’t right for you. At your consultation, we’ll discuss your orthodontic history and determine whether you’re eligible for clear aligners or if you’re limited to braces.

Simply Clear Aligners vs. Invisalign

Adult clear aligners are very similar to Invisalign. Both can fast-track you to a perfect smile. Simply Clear Aligners and Invisalign offer practically invisible straightening and are made of BPA-free plastic for safe straightening.

With Invisalign, you get a name brand you know and trust. With Simply Clear Aligners, you get a brand hand-crafted in our Statesville, NC office. With Simply Clear Aligners, you can avoid pesky lab fees and receive your trays much quicker than with Invisalign. You can get the solution you want at a reasonable price point and pay with a payment plan. Our technology may allow us to provide your trays within the same day.

Clear aligners for adults are easily adjustable, thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment. Unlike Invisalign, we make Simply Clear Aligners in-house for a quick start to straighter teeth. This also makes your treatment more affordable, as there is no upcharge.

Simply Clear Aligners vs. Braces

Simply Clear Aligners are slightly limited in their straightening capabilities. While they straighten teeth and close gaps successfully, some teeth positioning may require more comprehensive solutions, like braces. Simply Clear Aligners make it easier to change to braces if you want them at a later stage of your straightening process.

Braces offer complex straightening control but can cause more discomfort. Dr. Woods can resolve all alignment and bite issues throughout the entire process. Unlike with clear aligners, you won’t need to upgrade to additional treatments, and you can prevent problems even once the braces come off with a retainer.

No matter your orthodontic needs, Simply Southern Smiles Orthodontics will help you get precise straightening treatment with braces or Simply Clear Aligners. We have significant experience assisting Statesville, NC adults to achieve the smiles of their dreams.

What Are the Benefits of Adult Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners for adults offer many benefits that traditional braces don’t have. We help our patients explore benefits such as:

Fast Treatment Times

Clear aligners straighten teeth quickly if you follow Dr. Woods’ instructions. You could see a difference in your teeth in less than a month with clear aligners. Your total treatment time could be as short as six months, depending on your straightening needs.

Custom Treatments

Dr. Woods creates aligners for each patients’ teeth. You’ll get a treatment plan for your specific orthodontic goals. Custom treatments mean your straightening process will be highly effective.


Aligners are removable for eating, drinking, brushing your teeth, and playing sports. You’ll need to clean them regularly to avoid plaque buildup.

Ease of Use

Wearing clear aligners for adults is effortless thanks to comfortable plastic materials. You experience no painful rubbing as there are no metal parts. Other than maintenance, you only need to switch to the next aligner at the directed time.

Competitive Pricing

Dr. Woods makes your aligner himself, which allows us to offer aligners at competitive prices. You can pay the total amount or use a payment plan.